CCTV style creation – Real time clock

I have started to make the video look like CCTV footage by adding the time to the bottom right corner of the video. I have been successful in achieving one of my aims I mentioned in a post I made previously (First Ideas – CCTV style). The simple digital clock shown at the bottom of this post displays the real time using strings of seconds, minutes and hours.

String [] wseconds={“0″,”01″, “02”, “03”,
String [] wminutes={“0″,”01″, “02”, “03”,
String [] whours={“0″,”1″, “2”, “3”,

One idea of the piece is to make people think they are being watched through the use of a CCTV appearance.  By putting the time onto the screen the piece seems more realistic and similar to real CCTV footage/cameras.

my next step might be adding a “REC” with a pulsing red dot, as seen on video camera and CCTV cameras, to emphasise the idea of being watched and recorded in public spaces.


CCTV style creation – Real time clock