Iteration 3 – Continuing with movement drawing

I have progressed further in the overall style of my installation. Previously I only had a white outline of movement which was a only slight alteration from the original Open CV ‘find contours’ example. Now I have added my own ideas and other inspiration to the piece. I was able to achieve both movement outlining as well as changing faces, which is very similar to face pixelation which I posted previously and attempted to create. As you can see my torso is still but I have moved my face slightly. This is similar to what I wanted to achieve, the idea that people moving are drawn over and those who are unchanged. There are two ways audiences can perform with this. One is that they move around so that they can draw their movements so that they blend in and look like everyone else who is moving, who are paying attention to the screen or not. The other could be that a particular person is moving and then attempts to stay as still as possible.

for (Contour contour : opencv.findContours()) {
for (PVector point : contour.getPolygonApproximation().getPoints()) {
vertex(point.x, point.y);

As you can see at the top of this section of code I have a rectangle that fits the whole of the screen and it is set to transparent. This creates an alpha channel which is important for creating a delay effect on the contours. It allows the drawn contours to remain static after a person has moved. The drawn shapes then slowly fade away and return to the position of the person after they have moved. Before I had written this the contours disappeared as soon as the person had stop moving and didn’t look very interesting. Drawn shapes/lines would disappear immediately because there was nowhere for said shapes/lines to stay. With the transparent rectangle present the shapes could be drawn over the top instead of over the top of the video. I also set the fill to (255,20) so that people could still see themselves over the movement drawings. Before I added this anyone moving was filled with block colour and it did not look visually pleasing. This way has a more natural look and looks better overall.

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 11.18.30

Iteration 3 – Continuing with movement drawing