After working and researching in using processing over the past few months, I have gained a great amount of understanding of how it works. At the beginning of the unit I struggled, probably because I didn’t know what a lot of the code meant. I understood the basics but when it came to ‘for’ loops and ‘agents’ I was lost. It also hindered me in what I wanted to produce. I poster earlier in my blog that I was unsuccessful in creating what I wanted for my first idea. However, after some research I can up with my final idea and what I wanted to achieve with it, I feel I accomplished both of these. My steps for my final idea were:

1. Track and draw over any movement on the screen, that movement represents public performance
2. Anyone stood still on the screen is not drawn on, reflecting private performance
3. Those who aren’t drawn over will be encouraged to move/perform in order for their movement to be drawn, making them public

I managed to meet these steps and was successful in doing so. The installation works slightly different to how I imagined it, but obviously I am still new to the software so it is difficult to replicate exactly what you imagine. However, I still achieved what I had set out to do whilst exploring my chosen theory taken from Goffman’s ‘Presentation of Self in Everyday Life’. There were some other minor problems to do with lighting in the background but they did not largely effect the installation. What I could improve on would be dealing with how the lighting in the background effects the drawing of movement as well as other ways to draw and animate movement. I could try different patterns or even a completely new way of representing movement as a public performance. I would also try another test, but for a longer period of time. By extending the duration of the test more people will have passed by and stood at certain times in Weymouth house. Thus, there would be more chance of people interacting with the piece. If I was to test again but with this situation, I would not crowd around it with the rest of the group testing their installations as I found it drew a lot of people away because we appeared to be doing work in quite an open space people did not want to get in the way.